Our history

Cristina Millotti’s journey started in 1967, when her parents, Natalfranco and Silvana Millotti, set up the Giselle shoe factory with a production line of women’s shoes exclusively in Arezzo in Tuscany, especially noted for its industrial and artisan products.


Thus the first collections were born, created by modern inventiveness and skilful manufacturing. High quality craftsmanship and a passion for precision, an eye for tradition and innovative creative techniques have always been characteristic for the designers of the Cristina Millotti shoes.

Natalfranco passed on these elements to his daughter Cristina, and when she took over from her father, she continued in the way he had taught her. She now runs the firm together with her husband Santino.

Thanks to the Millotti passion for quality and beauty and highly technical skills, the products have always met the Italian medium-high standard.


The Cristina Millotti shoe is made from the highest quality leather and first class raw materials. During its careful production regular checks are carried out in order to achieve the best product possible.

One of the strong points of the Cristina Millotti firm is their good value for money policy, making the product highly competitive in a medium-high target environment. Although the Italian market has always been extremely important for Cristina Millotti, up to 70% of their total production is exported to France and Great Britain.